The Lucky One // “Zac Efron just got hotter”

Ha, only the third film in this Blog but it’s already slightly embarrassing (we were the ‘oldest’ at the cinema….)

What to expect of a movie whose main advertising slogan is “Zac Efron just got hotter” ?

Well, lot’s of Zac Efron – sexy, half-naked in a Taylor-Lautner-Style, close up of his blue blue eyes…. You’ll get all of that, mostly bathed in the golden light of a setting or rising sun.

The film is the adaption of a novel by Nicholas Sparks, so throughout the whole film the direction where the film is heading is kinda clear. Spark’s novels mostly follow a similar narrative (The Notebook, The Last Song, Dear John) – though one twist in the plot / solution to an obstacle was surprising. Look out for the drama!

Otherwise, it’s obvious what is going to happen next.

Logan is a Marine, he’s in Afghanistan and when he finds the picture of an unknown beauty, he survives some explosions (though I’m still wondering what those weird slow-motion-takes where supposed to mean) and blames it on his new guardian angle. Being home again, he does not fit in his former life (how he is haunted by a post-war traumata is depicted in an intense scene) and moves on to find the blonde beauty. Eventually he finds her and the story goes on… there’s the “evil” husband of her, their beautiful and lovely son and a very clever granny. And, of course,  Logan’s soul mate, dog Zeus. AND the inevitable romance.

The story doesn’t feature something new and the whole style of the film is very golden and completely kitschy. However, I do not think that anybody expected anything else from this film – so you can’t blame the film 😉

Logan’s character looses depth when in the beginning, he suffers from a trauma but then, as soon as he left his home, he seems to be cured. Haeh? The figures are somehow stereotypical and especially for the mean ex-husband or the granny isn’t that much space to develop an individual character.

In comparison with the other grown up actors Daniel Radcliffe in “The Woman in Black” and Robert Pattinson in “Bel Ami”, Zac Efron seems to be the actor who manages best to get rid of his image as High School Musical – Star. Apart from the blue eyes he didn’t look a lot like in those movies and also he plays Logan’s character in a believable way and convincingly.

At least as convincing as he can be in such a schmaltzy movie. And if he got hotter – I don’t know, but this slogan will definitely get the young girls to go to the cinemas.

Writer Will Fetters also wrote the screenplay for “Remember Me”.


5 thoughts on “The Lucky One // “Zac Efron just got hotter”

  1. brodyhobart says:

    Interesting that you say Zac has best managed to lose his breakout movie image. His characters are always so one-dimensional, though, and predictable. I admire Dan and Rob for exploring genres and focusing on their acting rather than on their muscle mass.


  2. brodyhobart says:

    Interesting that you say Zac has best managed to lose his definitive role. Though he’s typecasting himself now, with these same role types like Charlie St. Cloud. His characters are always so one-dimensional and predictable. I admire Dan and Rob for their integration into other genres and for focusing on their acting rather than their muscle mass.

    • kroepfli says:

      I definitely agree with you that Efron is focused on those “romantic dreamy guy” roles. But on the other hand Pattinson also stays true to his image – starring as a womanizer in the 19th century is not that much different from being a sexually alluring vampire and “Water for Elephants” basically was (though a better one) as well a romantic drama such as “The Lucky One”. I just think that within his typecasting, Efron seems to be the better actor as he manages to depict them in a believable way – and I don’t know what is bettter: playing similar characters in the same way or challenge onself but “fail”.
      Let’s wait for “The Paperboy” to be released… It took Heath Ledger several years to get rid of his image!

      • brodyhobart says:

        I agree with you on typecasting, but I think think Pattinson is the better actor. Maybe the reason I lean towards Pattinson as the better actor is because I’m biased and enjoy his movies. Little Ashes, Remember Me, etc. I haven’t liked any of Efron’s. I think I’m growing tired of all these romantic dramas, what with Pattinson, Efron, and now Channing Tatum.

      • kroepfli says:

        That’s funny because I definitely like Pattinson’s movies better than Efron’s! I “hated” the “Charlie St.Cloud”-one but I like “Remember Me” because of its narrative twists and “Little Ashes” was just fascinating. Now I have to watch “Me and Orson Welles” – might be an Efron-movie I’d like…

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